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  1. rutteger

    eBay TDP x G-Shock DW-5750BR and Dw-6900R Rasta

    Dw-6900R Rasta > TDP x G-Shock DW-5750BR > No problem posting internationally for GZ'ers and sure I can do a few...
  2. rutteger

    WRUW - 4th March 2014

    Sporting a yellow GW-6900 whilst trying to fix g-shockzone :)
  3. rutteger

    GSE or Casio London tomorrow?

    Down in the smoke tomorrow with work. Hopefully have time to check one or the other, anyone been to either recently? Much in worth checking out?
  4. rutteger

    Article: Casio G-SHOCK GA-110TS-8-4DR Review

    You can view the page at
  5. rutteger

    Casio G-SHOCK GA-110TS-8-4DR Review

    Mike Hughes has just posted up this video review of the upcoming G-Shock GA-110TS-8-4DR which is part of the February release sheets from casio. Here is my short video review going over the design details of the watch and not the functions there are many other YouTubers out there that do...
  6. rutteger

    Article: New G-Shock GA-310 and G-Shock GAC-110 coming January 2014

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  7. rutteger

    New G-Shock GA-310 and G-Shock GAC-110 coming January 2014

    G-Shock sees in 2014 with a relatively subdued release for January. Five new models are dropping, three G-Shock GA-310 (icnluding our favourite shocking pink GA-310-4) and two G-Shock GAC-110. Yup, no collabs and no limited editions, the amazing string of releases in 2013 has really spoilt the...
  8. rutteger

    WRUW 25th Dec 2013

    Happy Christmas one and all :) Seiko 6138 today :D Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  9. rutteger

    eBay CASIO G-SHOCK DW-5000SP-1JR 20th Anniversary Bit expensive I guess but a rare old item :D
  10. rutteger

    eBay G-SHOCK by Maison Martin Margiela
  11. rutteger

    Article: G-Shock Lightening Yellow 30th Anniversary - a grand finale.

    You can view the page at
  12. rutteger

    G-Shock Lightening Yellow 30th Anniversary - a grand finale.

    Forum regular Chrisek has put together an awesome overview of the G-Shock Lightening Yellow 30th anniversary series. The article includes and overview of the release and range along with detailed images of the G-Shocks which Chris is lucky enough to have collected :D Check the article out here.
  13. rutteger

    **WRUW 20th Dec 2013**

    TFI Friday one and all :cool: Finishing the week with the DW-5300
  14. rutteger

    ~~~WRUW - 18th Dec 2013~~~

    It's Wednesday and I make that hump day :p Started the day with the Men In Navy Gulfman
  15. rutteger

    Feedback on new Likes system?

    After some feedback on the new likes system. The old system (which was perhaps a bit slicker) did not work on tapatalk. As such I've installed a new likes system. Seems to work ok on both computer, tablet and tapatalk. Only slight issue is that on tapatalk 'likes' are shown as 'thanks' - this...
  16. rutteger

    WRUW - 16th Dec 2013

    I'll start the daily WRUW threads with my GA-100
  17. rutteger

    For Sale Addict x G-Shock DW-6100

    Recently sold this on the 'bay but winner didn't pay. Rare old item being 1 of 50 iirc. As can be seen the band is really quite worn and is missing some of the print. The bezel isn't too bad but also shows signs of wear. Keepr still shows the addict logo but is worn too. £45 posted in the...
  18. rutteger

    Article: GORILLI Delfts x G-Shock DW-6900NB-7GORILLI

    You can view the page at
  19. rutteger

    GORILLI Delfts x G-Shock DW-6900NB-7GORILLI

    To celebrate both the G-Shock 30th Anniversary and their own Dutch fashion store Gorilli have teamed up with Casio to drop this GORILLI Delfts x G-Shock DW-6900NB-7GORILLI. The GORILLI Delfts x G-Shock DW-6900 features a white band and bezel printed with in the distinctive style of Delft...
  20. rutteger

    Tool Time by LUW

    Another great article up on the front page courtesy of LUW >