Best place to source interesting models - ebay or Japan?


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I've got my eye on a GW9400RD - finally one has come up on ebay. Looking at the variety of models on the WRUW threads - where abouts are you getting yours from?

Being in the UK I've had some luck in finding some of the more interesting items on ebay - coupled with of course a fair bit of research into whether or not a seller (or shop) are legitimate. There seems in the UK at least to be a surfeit of Honk Kong vendors "masquerading" as UK shops.

One thing to make clear - even with the rarer models I enjoy *wearing* rather having them on display!

I'd be interested to know where you normally shop online - at the moment its a bit hit and miss for me. There's two rangeman in particular - the red & navy - as well as a number of G-Lide/GW7900 (in particular due to the moon/tide graphs which are invaluable in persuing my passion for wildlife photography).
I would not buy from eBay unless you trust the seller, they have good customer service, top ratings, good warranty, etc. Buy with a credit card or paypal so you can go through them if the seller does not help you.
I recently ordered from a Japanese watch store via Amazon; they are more expensive but I would say they are more legit.
Good luck!