G-Shock GXW-56 Military Toughness Test

More proof (if proof were needed!) that G-Shocks are tough - very tough. Casio USA have sent three G-Shock GXW-56 off to be tested thoroughly at Garwood Labs who normally deal with military, space and aviation testing. The G-Shocks were subjected to twelve tough tests and passed them all, read on for the full results.[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]


Test 1 - Altitude test
Subjected to 4572m (15000ft) simulated altitude for one hour - passed

Test 2 - High temperature
Subjected to 65.5°C (149.9°F) for four hours - passed

Test 3 - Low temperature
Subjected to -20°C (-4°F) for four hours - passed

Test 4 - Blowing rain
Subjected to simulated blowing rain at 64.37 kph (40 mp) for 30 minutes - passed

Test 5 - Random vibration
Subjected 20-1Khz - passed
Subjected 1Khz - 2KHz - passed

Test 6 - Freeze / Thaw
Subjected to freeze then thaw conditions cycling between 0°C and 10°C with 99% humidity (i.e. wet) ands prayed with water - passed

Test 7 - Humidity
Subjected to cycling between 60°C and 30°C with 95% humidity - passed

Test 8 - Solar radiation
Subjected to Irradiance Modulation Range: 0W/m² to 1120W/m² applied during temperature ramp and soak
- passed

Test 9 - Immersion
Subjected to 1m depth for 30m minutes - passed

Test 10 - Salt spray
Subjected to salt spray for 24 hours - passed

Test 11 - 10m drop
Dropped onto plywood, concrete and steel from 10m - passed

Test 12 - Blowing dust
Subjected to blowing dust for 13 hours - passed

Full results and details can be found here on the G-Shock US site. Great range of tests, the only obvious omission is an absolute depth / pressure test.


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This test is good, but it should be even more extreme. Why not test at -30 F, and explain how much abuse the crystal can take?