What have you got incoming?




GW5000. This one is overdue for me.


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just checked tracking for USPS. outbound out of customs, so I'll have it on Monday. bummer. it's cool tho, I work this weekend anyway. I had called my P.O. yesterday and they stated they are already swamped with parcels. looking to pick it up in the am.

pics will be a must!


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DW-6900 Ltd Ed.

Ok just picked up a bargain on the bay of a Casio G Shock DW 6900 "We Love Space Ibiza" Ltd Edition which is great in green but on a sad note no tee shirt or box. :confused: but I can live with it as it will be one of 150.



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Not sure how I missed this but I'm glad I found one and it arrived today! The Mudman GW-9300GY-1JF Men in Smokey Gray.



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Tubs, as soon as it arrives I will post pics as I have about half a dozen to share with the forum.

Just scored a Ti MRG 220T boxed with papers and I convinced my other half it would make a cracking Christmas prezzy. :D



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It's my birthday today and something rather fetching was wrapped up in a large box for me. (with a smaller box inside).

The story is - I'd gone into Boundary Mill (local "discount" store) and seen the watch on display. I mentioned to my Girlfriend how much I liked it. I went back the day after and asked for a discount, got 10% off so I thought I'd sleep on it and go back the day after. After all the watch in question wasn't the type bought by your usual Boundary Mill customer.
Imagine my horror when I went in the night after to find it had been sold

Yes..............you've guessed it.......my little love had gone in and bought it for me. And yes.... she did mention the 10% discount and it was honoured.

Stock picture for now I'm afraid. And certainly not to everybody's taste. But I love it that's all that matters.