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    Decoding G-Shock model numbers

    Hopefully some will have seen this article I've been putting together >

    Attempting to put a definitive table of G-Shock model numbers together to update the previous one which has been kicking about every other G-Shock site for a few years.

    Sure there are plenty to add and more than likely some errors. Anybody able to add anything?

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    good list. I didn't know a lot of those. What about the model suffix "E" for electroluminescent? Like on the DW5600E. Also, aren't the watches with model type code "G" tough solar? Maybe that's what it's for? (touGh solar? it's just a wild guess)
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    In the 'Special Suffixes', 'MC' is for the 'Jam in' series, 'MM' is 'Masai mara' series, 'SL' is 'Spike Lee', 'EH' is 'Eric Haze', 'SP' is the 25th Anniversry 'Team Tough' model, 'CF' also applies to the 'G-Python' Series, 'GH' for the 'G-Viper' series, 'BM' for the 'G-Raven' series. I'll see what else i can dig up!

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    Another thing, the type code AWG description was Analogue Water resistant "?". I think that AWG means that it's an analogue water resistant with solar.
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    Cheers for the suggestions, will get the list updated over the next couple of days.

    One thing I'm unsure on is the G suffix, although GW is normally tough solar waveceptor G is quite often not tough solar.

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    Ah, did not know that. I had thought that when it was just G-etc it was always tough solar. Well, shows what I know, since I'm fairly new to g shocks anyway I'm very interested in the model numbers though.


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