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    G-Shock - Made in China vs. Japan

    I was readio a review that stated you can tell which country the watch is made in by the two letters following the model number on the back of the watch: After buying the watch I learned that there are letters after the model number that notes where the watch is made from. Example GD100MS3cr = Made in China, GD100MS3jf = Made in Japan Which is the preferred country???

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    Have put together an article regarding how to decode the model numbers >

    It is my understanding the last two letters generally denote intended market as opposed to country of manufacture. For example DR denotes export, JF denotes for Japanese domestic market. The country of manufacture is generally written on the caseback.

  4. G-Shock - Made in China vs. Japan

    Rutteger, thanks for the article!
    PCTEK, many lower priced JF G-Shock sold in Japan (Japan Domestic Model) are actually made in China and Thailand. I prefer the Japan made ones but to each his own.
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    My G-Shock Collection:
    Japan: GW-500A-1V, GW-530A-1V, DW-6900FS, GWG-1000-1A3JF, GF-8235D-1B.
    Thailand: GXW-56-1BJF, GW-9400, G-7900A, GA-100L, GA-700UC, GBA-800.


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