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Casio Japan have announced eight new models for April 2013, many of which will already be available in Japan. The big news this month is the release of G-Shock 30th Anniversary Resist Black Series, check the link for the full preview we brought you last month. G-Shock have collaborated with skate brand Supra on the Supra x G-Shock GA-200SPR-1A. The new collaboration features a stealthy black bezel and dial with a rugged black Supra branded cordura band. The dial includes a set of crisp red hands to ensure this collaboration is all about function as well as form. The model of course includes custom packaging and a custom caseback. The release is rounded off with four new surf models, two GLX-150s and two GWX-5600C. G-Shock...
To celebrate their thirtieth anniversary Tokyo Disney Resort have teamed up with Casio to release this Tokyo Disney Resort x G-Shock DW-5600. The black watch features a white dial with a mickey mouse image covering both EL and dial. The Disney collaboration also includes a mouse pattern to the band, custom caseback and of course custom packaging. Numbers are of course super limited to 3000 pieces at 18000 yen each, if you want one get your reservation in here on the Tokyo Disney website. Seems like reservations are taken until the end of the month and watches will be assigned via a lottery. News via mynavi :D
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the opening of NOWHERE in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan by Bape kingpin Nigo this Stussy x Bape x G-Shock Frogman is being released along with a pair of commemorative T-Shirts. This collaboration features BAPE and Stussy logos to the dial, a distinctive custom EL, custom caseback and of course custom packaging. Numbers are limited, release will be 27th April for ¥47,250 (USD$510). Source -
Casio Japan have announced a new range topping Sky Cockpit Aviator in the range, the G-Shock GW-A1100. The all new model will sit above the already epic G-Shock GW-A1000 which was released in 2012. The G-Shock GW-A1100 features everything we've come to expect from one of Casio's flagship aviators, an ani-digi display, smart access, multiband 6 with the massive addition of compass functionality. Initially the GW-A1100 will be released in two colorways, the green accented GW-A1100-1A3 and red accented GW-A1100-1A, both feature stealth black bands and bezels. The GW-A1100 will be hitting stores in Japan 28th June 2013, retail is 68,250 yen, approx USD$700, GBP£450 or €530. G-Shock GW-A1100-1A G-Shock GW-A1100-1A3
Word is out that French fashion house Maison Martin Margiela are set to team up with G-Shock for their 30th anniversary on a super limited Maison Martin Margiela x G-Shock GA-300. The Maison Martin Margiela x G-Shock GA-300 is limited to 3000 pieces, preview images show a the GA-300 in a minimalistic gray. News via Hypebeast.
Casio Japan have announced the all new G-Shock DW-6900DS-1 'Geometric' for March 2013. Following up from last years distinctive G-Shock Reptile pack the DW-6900DS-1 features a strong geometric pattern on band, bezel and dial. Expect to see this series expanded on in the upcoming months. G-Shock DW-6900DS-1 'Geometric'
Casio Japan have announced the G-Shock GA-1000FC-1A Sky Cockpit Aviator for March 2013. The G-Shock GA-1000FC-1A follows on from the other G-Shock GA-1000 line up which were announced back in the G-Shock February 2013 release. The G-Shock GA-1000FC-1A features a composite band and bezel along with all the normal G-Shock Aviator functionality. This G is already in the shops in Japan, we're unclear if this line will get a worldwide drop. G-Shock GA-1000FC-1A Sky Cockpit Aviator
Casio Japan have announced the Initial Blue 30th Anniversary Series which is set for release on the 25th January 2013. The G-Shock Initial Blue Series is the second set of 30th Anniversary models following on from the G-Shock Rising Red 30th Anniversary Series which were released earlier in 2012. Six models are set for release, all featuring black bands and bezels, blue details and custom 30th Anniversary packaging and keepers. G-Shock GA-113B-1AJR G-Shock GA-303B-1AJR G-Shock GB-5600AA-A1JR G-Shock GB-6900AA-A1JR G-Shock GW-9230BJ-1JR Riseman G-Shock GW-9330B-1JR Mudman For discussion please see Next wave of 30th Anniversary G-shocks in the forum
The new year sees Casio dropping 10 new G-Shock releases. The big news is the release of the Initial Blue 30th Anniversary and Be@rbrick x G-Shock DW-6900MT. The rest of the release includes 3 new models in the Metallic Dial Series. Be@rbrick x G-Shock DW-6900MT-7JR G-Shock GA-200SH-1AJF Metallic Colors G-Shock GA-200SH-2AJF Metallic Colors G-Shock GA-200SH-8AJF Metallic Colors G-Shock GA-113B-1AJR Initial Blue 30th Anniversary G-Shock GA-303B-1AJR Initial Blue 30th Anniversary G-Shock GB-5600AA-A1JR Initial Blue 30th Anniversary G-Shock GB-6900AA-A1JR Initial Blue 30th Anniversary G-Shock GW-9230BJ-1JR Initial Blue 30th Anniversary G-Shock GW-9330B-1JR Initial Blue 30th Anniversary...
Casio Japan have announced a new Baby-G model, the Baby-G BG-6903 which is aimed at female runners. The Baby-G BG-6903 features stopwatch with lap functions and an automatic EL backlight. Available in three colors the new Baby-G BG-6903 is set to release in Japan on March 8th for 12600 Yen (USD$135, GBP£90, €105). Baby-G BG-6903-1 Baby-G BG-6903-4 Baby-G BG-6903-7 News via Casio Japan.
Casio Japan have announced the all new G-Shock GD-350 range which are set for release on the 28th February 2013. The watch is initially being released in 3 colorways, the black with positive face G-Shock GD-350-1JF, the black with negative face GD-350-1BJF and finally the gray G-Shock GD-350-8JF. The headline features for this retro styled G-Shock GD-350 are the vibration function along with the super illuminator backlight. Japanese retail is 13500 Yen which is around £95GBP / USD$150 - expect street price to be a little less. From left to right G-Shock GD-350-1, G-Shock GD-350-1B and G-Shock GD-350-8
Casio Japan are dropping 13 new Baby-G models for February 2013. Check them out below... Baby-G BG-6902-2JF Baby-G BG-6902-3JF Baby-G BG-6902-4JF Baby-G BGA-1020-8BJF Baby-G BGA-1030-7BJF Baby-G BGA-1100-4BJF Baby-G BGA-1110-1B2JF Baby-G BGA-151GG-1BJF Baby-G BGA-151GG-4BJF Baby-G BGA-151GG-7BJF Baby-G BGA-161-2BJF Baby-G BGA-161-7B1JF Baby-G BGA-161-7B2JF News via Casio Japan.
February 2013 sees Casio Japan dropping 16 new models. The highlights are as follows Nigel Sylvester x G-Shock GD-101NS-1 which follows on from last year's popular collaboration with the pro BMX rider. A new line of DW-6900 Crazy Colors models including the eye popping DW-6900PL-9. The all new G-Shock GA-1000 Sky Cockpit Aviator line. The new G-Shock GD-350 Vibrator line which we previewed in depth last month. The new analog-digital G-Shock GA-300 line. Two new models in the G-Shock Fire package. Nigel Sylvester x G-Shock GD-101NS-1 G-Shock DW-6900 Crazy Colors - DW-6900PL-1, DW-6900PL-4, DW-6900PL-7, & DW-6900PL-9 G-Shock GA-1000 Sky Cockpit Aviator line - GA-1000-1A, GA-1000-1B, GA-1000-2A G-Shock...
Casio Japan have teamed up with iconic skatebrand DC for the first time on the DC Shoes x G-Shock DW-5600. The new model features a black band and bezel, negative display with green details and DC detailing to dial and band. The DC logo is featured on the custom caseback and packaging. The Japan only release is limited to 1000 pieces and is only available via the DC Shoes Japan store. Thnx to freshnessmag for the news :)
Further to the preview we brought you of the DGK x G-Shock G-8900DGK-7 back in August Casio have officially announced this model as their one and only December 2012 release. We might see more later in the month, we might not ;) Anyhow the DGK x G-Shock G-8900DGK-7 is the second collaboration between Steve Williams’ skate brand DGK aka Dirty Ghetto Kids and Casio, the first being the classic DGK x G-Shock GX56DGK from 2010. The all new DGK x G-Shock G-8900DGK-7 features a clear band and bezel, custom caseback, purple detailing, DGK logo to face & keeper and of course custom DGK packaging. The watch is being released as part of G-Shock's 30th Anniversary celebrations. DGK x G-Shock G-8900DGK-7JR
Japanese watch retailer Watch-Tanaka have posted some real world pictures and video of the recently released Globe x G-Shock GRX-5600-1JR. This collaboration between Australian surf and skate brand Globe and Casio was released as part of the G-Shock Japan October 2011 release. Enjoy!
G-Shock are set to release two new variants in the venerable DW-6900 line up. These are the G-Shock DW-6900HM-1 which features a black band and bezel, a (possibly!) textured silver dial and positive display along with the DW-6900HM-2 which features a blue / gray band and bezel, textured silver dial and a negative display. Both have all the normal DW-6900 features. Release is due during 2012, full details when we have them. Expect retail to be around USD$105 / GBP£98. DW-6900HM-1 DW-6900HM-4 News via Casio France.
Casio are set to release an all new Breezy Colors series for 2012, release is expected June 2012. The G-Shock Breezy Colors series features pastel colorways which were last seen in the 1980s - think Sonny Crocket (Don Johnson) in Miami Vice and you're almost there. The Breezy Colors series features four models initially as follows G-Shock GA-110SN-3AJF features a cyan band and bezel, mostly white dial and blue hands. G-Shock GA-110SN-7AJF features a white band and bezel, mostly white dial, blue hands and blue accents. G-Shock G-001SN-2JF features a pastel blue band and bezel, mostly white dial and positive display. G-Shock DW-5600SN-1JF features a black band and bezel, blue dial and negative display. G-Shock GA-110SN-3AJF G-Shock...
Japanese watch meisters Watch-Tanaka have posted up some real world images of the In4mation x G-Shock G-Lide GLX-150X-7JR. This collaboration is new as part of the G-Shock June 2012 release and is surely one of the crispest collaborations this year. Enough chat, onto the images and video :)
As part of the G-Shock November 2012 release Casio are releasing two new G-Shock GW-A1000 Sky Cockpit aviators with trick new composite bands. The GW-A1000FC-1A comes in stealth black, the GW-A1000FC-2A is navy, thanks to Japanese watch giant Watch-Tanaka we can bring you some cool close up images, enjoy :) G-Shock GW-A1000FC-1A Sky Cockpit G-Shock GW-A1000FC-2A Sky Cockpit