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  • It has been such a pleasent and friendly time while purchasing a frogman from you.
    I will enjoy the watch for years to come and allways be reminded that its uniqueness is paled only to the gentleman that sold it to me.
    Hat off to you Rob.
    Yeah, pretty logic answer ;). It is likely to happen that way but i have to wait...........still collecting money. Dont forget, this is Serbia,small wages,poor standard :( but as soon as i get it i will do that. Thanks for support

    All the best, Goran (xenio)
    Hi Xenio,

    Waveceptor is fine and so is solar but I think you have already decided on the gdf :D Get the watch that suits you now and then start looking at solar/waveceptors for your next watch.

    A good way to see them in real life situations rather than as Casio stock photos is to browse through all the old "WRUW" threads on here - if you haven't done so already. And when you have your new watch you must
    post pictures in the WRUW thread yourself

    Best regards, Rob (macspite)
    I should've sent last mesage so that it can be viewed in forum. Sorry,mea culpa. Anyway, i forgot to mention that i also like solar and wave ceptor functions but the watches which are containing that and are affordable also show just time. So.....gdf 100,huh?
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