20% OFF at G-Shock East


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Don't forget though that their normal shop prices would most likely Be MSRP£ so 20% off probably brings prices pretty much in line with the internet store prices.
I do intend to call them and ask them if they have a vanilla GW-A1000 instock as if they do I will pay Friday via phone and collect Saturday.:encouragement:


"Sessions" as in skate and snowboard? They were a local shop for me while growing up!

Sessions in the music sense.


How does Honolulu compare with East London?


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I've just spoken to the store and the GW-A1000 is not in stock with them.
It took me about 5 attempts to speak to the lady on the phone who's english was not too good but we got there in the end.
Oh well. I'll wait for WatchShop to get stock.