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Finally got a chance to dig out all my G's and store them properly in my two flight cases, up until today, I've had G's in my bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, not to mention the ones I had lying around BNIB or hidden in my wardrobe.

I realised that I've also never uploaded my collection before on either here or WUS, despite visiting both forums quite regularly. I started buying G's in April 2011, which was 21 months ago. I never really set out to 'collect' G-Shocks, but after my first one, a black GA-100 purchased solely to use as a beater, more and more of them have come into my possession. My collection currently stands at 37 watches compromising of 33 individual models, the other four being doubles/multiples.

I don't tend to take many photos or own a digital camera. I hardly ever take photos on my mobile phone. However, this is how my current collection stands:

Case 1:

case 1.jpg

Case 2:

case 2.jpg

One of the reasons for creating this thread, was that it would give me an opportunity to see how my collection will evolve over the next 12 months. I say evolve, because my taste in G's changes quite frequently. I've gone from thinking the GX-56's were ridiculously big and toy'ish to completing the set, I have a love/hate relationship with the 6900's, currently loving them. I went from being a GA110 nut to not thinking highly of ANY digi-analogue watch, cutting my GA110 collection down by two-thirds in the last couple of months. I'm currently looking to complete the 9300 Mudman set, I recently flipped my Burton to ensure I have funds to move on the Initial Blue muddy due out this month.

My G-Shock collection peaked at 47 G's in the middle of 2012, but I've been trying to cut down ever since, even implementing a one in-one out policy. At some point in the future, I would like to limit the size of my collection to no more than ten G-Shocks, though I can't see this happening any time soon.

I will continue to update this thread with every new arrival and departure, and compare how my collection stands at the end of 2013 with how it started the year, figured it would be interesting as I've not monitored my purchases and sales before.

I do have three G's incoming, they should all be with me this week, ones waiting for me at my local post office and the other two have arrived in the UK from Japan :)

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Dude, firstly that is one awesome collection, and secondly I had no idea you were based in the UK.
Good luck with your future Gs and don't forget me when it comes time to move some on ;-);-)


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Three G's joined the collection today, they are as follows:

1) GW-9300GB


2) GW-9300K-3


3) GW-A1030A


These three cleaned out my Paypal watch fund, can't see myself picking anything else up this month, but the GW-9330B-1 is on the hit list.


Really solid collection there, spy some great collaborations / limiteds. Especially love the incoming ICERC Muddie although not sure if I could pull that one off :p

Good to know someone else's taste when it comes to Gs changes over time. Guess that's one of the great things about collecting them, they are relatively affordable and easy to buy / sell / trade.


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This arrived today, placing me back in the Frogman club:


I owned the same model about a year ago, which I had kept solely for collection purposes, at the time it was the dearest piece in the collection. As I never wore it, flipping it made sense. This one though, was bought used and will remain in the collection for quite some time, though, this time bought to WEAR.