Entirely new Rangeman model in 2018 on the horizon




[ Credit/ Photo: Adam Craniotes )

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That looks good - lets hope it still solar and doesn't suffer from the smart watch battery issue.


According to the placard, this is a mud-resistant, solar-powered watch with a Triple Sensor, GPS Navigator with app-based map display, and Bluetooth connectivity. The watch also has a low-temperature LCD display, sapphire crystal, and carbon fiber insert band. It is water-resistant to 200 meters as expected. The sign also says “Wireless Charging” which we’re assuming refers to a charger with an AC adapter. We’re guessing there are multiple ways to charge the watch as it probably needs more frequent charging when using the navigation feature a lot. While the recent GPW-2000 Gravitymaster has a Mission Stamp function which serves as a GPS tracking log, the GPR-B1000 is the first G-Shock with the “Navigation System” feature (with full details to be released later).

So does seem like a g shock smartwatch. Might not be for me at the battery life and lack of charging out in the wilds would make this a non starter. Intrigued though - will they spilt the line ie smartwatch types alongside their more traditional dig or digi ana - there's two different markets. The big pls for me is the solar charging and multiband. I love those 2 features.