First G-Shock Help Needed!!!!


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Hello all out there in computer-land,

I am looking to get my first G-shock becuase I have destroyed a Timex Ironman, and am in the process destroying the 2nd, all in the last year at work. I am putting my self though school working 2 jobs, a chef and a golf course grounds maintenance worker at the local golf course. Thus I am looking for something that will take the beating in the kitchen, getting bumped and banged and heat in the oven. At the golf course I need something that again will take the bumps and bangs along with the sand, water, dirt and mud. I also ski and mountain bike, and would be wearing this all day every day.

It seems like a G-Shock fits the bill. If not let me know. However the bill is set for preferbly around $100, but with a absolute max of $140. I want all the features packed in as i can get around that price, and i know it may not be much. I would like things like; Atomic Timekeeping, Solar-powered, Low Temperature Resistance and some sort of dust-mud resistance. I would also prefer the MS (Military Stealth) color, I just think it looks the best, but am not 100% set on the color.

I hope this isn't too big of a challange, other suggestions are very welcome also.
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Welcome :)

Think G-Shock is pretty much your only choice for the sort of usage you'll give it !

Obvious first choice would be the GW-6900-1 , it's black, solar and has atomic time keeping.Assuming you're in the US you can pick it up for US$87 from Amazon >


Could also look at the DW-6900MS-1 , similar price but lacks solar and atomic BUT comes in the Military Stealth colorway >


Pretty sure there are no MS models with solar and atomic functionality. As for low temp think all Gs should be good for skiing, from memory nearly all are rated to -10 celcius, some like the older G-9000 are rated to -20 celcius.

There is however a lot of G variety, might be worth going into a store and trying a few on, if only to see what styles you like.


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In my opinion the GD100MS-3
That G will take a beating trust me and it looks great and you can easily get it between 80 and 100 dollars