For Sale [FS] Casio G-Shock Raysman DW-9300 MIBII Edition (slightly damaged)


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Up for sale is an excellent to near-mint condition, Raysman DW-9300, from the MIBII series collection.
This one features a titanium case back (standard ones are of stainless steel) and a "bat holding an umbrella" logo in the display (visible during EL illumination).





Purchased this in 1998 and have barely worn it, perhaps less than ten times cumulative in the course of 11 years.
Has been mainly confined to storage (cool, dry, dark conditions, naturally) except during periodic battery recharging routines when the timepiece is subjected to direct indoor fluorescent light.

Have tried my best to keep this timepiece in pristine condition, but resin parts do age out in time and unfortunately this one is no exception. Bezel is still in good shape, but the mode switch cover is cracked. Other buttons are undamaged but I don't know how much time is left on the bezel (it may disintegrate anytime soon, depending on how you handle it). The module is in mint condition, fully functional without problem, and has not been subjected to any battery change (although it may be required soon -- rechargeable batteries are a hassle compared with original ones).

Casio timepieces have been my passion over the years (and still are), but now it has come to a point where I just can't take care of a special edition model anymore, due to scarcity of parts. This one for example has no more factory spare parts available, let alone the bezel/band combo. It can at least be harvested for parts (particularly the module).

Comes with original packaging, labelings (if available) and instruction manual. Asking $165 plus $25 registered international shipping.
Paypal only. Buyer responsible for all surcharges.

Any questions please post them here. Thanks for looking.