G-5600 with 2597 module issue


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Hello all- I have a G-5600 2597 module Tough Solar I have had for several years; it started developing charging issues a few years back and I started wearing my G-8000 instead, thinking I would get around to getting the Solar back up running. I finally replaced the battery with the factory replacement which after a few hours showed a full charge. The issue I'm having is apparently not uncommon, but a fix isn't clear on the interwebz. Everything looks normal, but occasionally when I try to illuminate, it flashes briefly and the word "recover" flashes over and over for a few minutes, then recovers to a normal screen. It doesn't do it all the time, and the battery shows a full charge. Is my watch failing, or is there a simple fix? The battery was a genuine Casio replacement so I don't think that is the issue. FWIW, I have never seen the watchband I have anywhere else- it is a combination of the standard resin and a nylon webbing material. I want to keep wearing it, but don't want to be without the illumination function. Thanks.


Found this ..

Did ask around and got the suggestions that you may pull the battery out and let the watch fully discharge capacitor (15 min or so) reinstall, AC reset it and full sun charge even if battery says H. Also make sure it's a ctl1616 battery not a cr1616. Hopefully it works. Maybe some more members can chime in as well Pls let us know if it works. Photos always appreciated and pls stay with our forum

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