G-Shock GD-X6900FB - September 2013 G-Shock New Release

The G-Shock DW-6900 has been the cornerstone of Casio G-Shock line for many years. September 2013 sees the release of the GD-X6900FB which is an obvious evolution of the venerable DW-6900 and is being touted as such by Casio. The module features many subtle updates, in particular the date portion and the entire package is slightly larger (108% according to Casio). The initial drop has four models, check them out.

G-Shock GD-X6900FB-7JF

G-Shock GD-X6900FB-1JF

G-Shock GD-X6900FB-8BJF

G-Shock GD-X6900FB-8JF​


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Got my Smoke & Gold yesterday!
Gr8 G-Shock for big wrists. It's definitely an eye catcher. The 3420 module has identical functionality as the 3247 modules in the G-001 Jason except that the GD-X has a front light button and the Jason doesn't.

Improvements over the original DW-6900:
48 city 29 Time Zone World Time (but no UTC !)
Auto LED backlight option
5-second Autostart option on the Stopwatch
Optional Progress Beeper on the CD Timer
Button beep muting
Big easy-to-press buttons.
Longer battery life with 2032 batt and LED illumination
Big wrist friendly

Possible downgrades compared to the original DW-6900:
The unprotected 12/24 hr format switching on the bottom right button may cause inadvertent switching since the button is pretty easy to get to on the GDX6900s.
Some ppl will miss not being able to set the seconds on the CD Timer.
Totally different strap attachment will make attaching a Zulu or Nato strap impossible or require custom modifications &/or custom mfgr of parts.
Less small wrist friendly