For Sale G-Shock Spares


Have quite a few spares I may never use so thought I'd offer them up here.

**DW-003. Unsure if it works. Most bits but bezel incomplete. £10 posted.


All prices inc. UK post. Worldwide at cost :)

Can also exchange for any spares I'm after >


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Pinched from Sjors blog (sure he won't mind)
The DW-002 is a pretty basic watch, and since it was a 1994 release, do not expect too much of the functions on board. This model uses the 1299 module. Later DW-002 versions have the typical triple eye 1289 module, which is used in many DW-6900 version (note: although most models do, not all DW-6900 models use the 1289 module). This model features a daily Alarm function with Hourly Chime, with both can activated separately, a 59’59” minutes Countdown Timer and a 24 hour Stopwatch. Unusual is that you can’t start the Countdown Timer function when it is set to 00’00”. Most other G-Shocks I know start from the longest possible program capacity in his function, hence this is not a 60 minutes Countdown Timer. You can switch between 24 hour and 12 timekeeping by pushing the lower right button. The watch also has a Flash function. When an alarm sounds (not when scrolling through the different modes) the EL backlight lights up too when this function is activated. You can activate and deactivate this function by push and hold the upper right button for about 2 seconds. When you are used to modern G-Shocks, you might have noticed that if you scroll through the different modes, the button tone is different when you enter the Time Keeping Mode. Unfortunately this module is that old that this feature is not implemented yet. A nice detail is that when the EL backlight lights up a giant red G is visible. Some people think this might disrupt your view of the time, but it hardly does on this model when viewed under a normal angle.
Can't quite make out if yours is the later model