G-shock watches - what do they say about you?


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Interesting read but flawed. In another article on the site they ask the question -


"depending on who you are, the G-Shock is either a purist’s take on a “go anywhere” timepiece, or it’s just a piece of fashion."

I don't fall into either category TBH. I like G-Shocks because they make a "non statement" about me instead of a fashion statement.

In the same way as some days I like to walk round in jeans and a T-Shirt because I cannot be bothered what other people think. :)

"Go anywhere Timepiece?" Yep, just right for the weekly shopping run to Tesco's then :p


Guess articles of this sort when they attempt to stereotype will always be flawed. Can't say as I really fall into any of those categories. Why G-Shock? Suppose their cool (in an uncool way!), functional, practical and I like the whole Japanese infinite variations.

The other article shows how perceptions differ - I'd rate Timex well below brands like Casio and Seiko.


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Interesting article, but hardly revealing. The real question is why some people have so many G-Shocks?

Tricky one to answer. Why do people collect anything is perhaps the one to ask. G-Shock's are quite collectable I'd say, there's a massive range or styles, designs, colours and editions. They are also relatively cheap (well, compared to Rolex at least).


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Mens' (and womens') magazines are IMHO full of marketing twaddle and that's putting it politely. The watches I buy, are selected on my aesthetic tastes, the technology involved, my available funds, the functionality and the intended use I will put them. I don't need a style journo to tell me what is good and what a watch says about me. That would be other peoples' perceptions in any event, and the old adage "You cannot judge a book by the cover is certainly true."

Rant over! :)