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Welcome to the G-Shockzone wiki which is dedicated to G-Shocks, Baby-G and Casio watches.

We'll be adding reference information, articles and how to guides to the wiki as time goes on. Of course the beauty of a wiki is everyone can get involved, so if you've something to add please do so.

[WIKI="Categories:Reference"]G-Shock Reference[/WIKI]

[WIKI]G-Shock Collaboration and Limited Edition list[/WIKI]
[WIKI]G-Shock model number reference[/WIKI]
[WIKI]G-Shock spare parts listing[/WIKI]
[WIKI]G-Shock spare parts suppliers[/WIKI]
[WIKI]Where to buy G-Shock[/WIKI]

[WIKI="Categories:How-To"]G-Shock How To Guides[/WIKI]

[WIKI]How to clean a G-Shock[/WIKI]
[WIKI]How to identify a Fake G-Shock[/WIKI]
[WIKI]How to install the G-Shock Japan android app[/WIKI]
[WIKI]How to repaint G-Shock bezel text[/WIKI]