For Sale going to sell my g shock collection if the price is right


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HI im going to sell my g shock collection because i need the money ATM hard times so im going to sell my g shock as a group or individually depends the price i have all g shock dw-6900 collection all limited and rare and brand new some only worn a few times im only letting them go if the price is right and if i think ishould let dem go at that price to be honest because there worth a lot to me and the g shock society worth. sad to let them go :(

here is the list pics soon wen i have time or inbox me for pics whoever is interested:

1. G shock dw-6900 25th anniversary brand new £225
2. G shock dw-6900 x illest brand new ( i have 2 of these brand new still boxed ) £250
3. G shock dw-6900 play cloths bran new very rare . £400
4. G shock dw-6900 rasta slightly used £130
5. G shock dw-6900 in4mation one love brand new £200
6. G shock dw-6900 in4mation battleship grey version £200
7. G shock dw-6900 new era brand new £180
8. G shock dw-6900 stussy 30th anniversary blue and black brand new £300
9. G shock dw-6900 world cup 98 red jelly hardly used (needs battery ) £90
10. some others i have the same off that i wear that i also might sell if wanted i have another g shock rasta used alot a normal black and gold dw-6900 hardly used not limited but very nice

thank you for looking :)

and any information or pics please email me at thank you :)


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oh ok i will put prices up then and the in4mations are 200 pound each and for the stussey that's 300 pound but we can negotiate on prices


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price has been dropped for some play cloths 325 pound stussy 250 pound and the rest i can lower aswell message me if interested or they will go on ebay and will sill for these prices to be honest