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I've been offered one of the above but the PVD bracelet has seen a bit of wear and tear. Anyone know if an adapter can be fitted for a NATO or velcro strap?

Also, it's an atomic but only set for Japan and American frequencies so I'm assuming it wouldn't pick up the UK radio signal.....


Looks great. Have read the blue bezel is actually blue pvd steel rather than plastic.

Haven't seen adapters to put this style onto a NATO. Tiktox supply a resin strap for the GW-700 that should fit >

Have a similar in style GW-810, the pvd bracelt is a little worn but looks less bad and is perfectly passable in the flesh (if that makes sense!)

No luck on the atomic - all six stations Casio use are on different frequencies, so if set for the US and Japan it won't pick up in the UK.