How to identify a Fake G-Shock

Fakes G-Shocks are bad, very bad. Sadly they are also very common. The quality is also generally very poor. This part of the wiki will document some of the more common fake G-Shock models out there along with the genuine article for comparison.

General signs for spotting a fake

  • The LCD looks cheap in comparison to a genuine G-Shock
  • No G-Shock text on the bezel
  • Cheap looking materials and packaging
  • The sale or auction includes poor and out of focus pictures
  • If the price is too good to be true it probably is!

If once you've read this document you still aren't sure please post up in our main forum and ask, someone on the site will be happy to help. You can also see a few 'Fake Alerts' on our eBay and marketplace watch forum.

[h=2]GW-9200 Riseman[/h]
A fakers favourite. Fake items up first. Note cheap LCD.

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakegw9200black.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakegw9200black2.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakegw9200white.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakegw9200yellow.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakegw9200red.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

Bit of a 'specia'l fake up last. Sold by UK department store Marks and Spencers it's more of a 'homage' but some may try to pass it off as a genuine Riseman. Spend your money on Percy Pigs instead is our suggestion.

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakemsgw9200black.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

This is what a real GW-9200 Riseman looks like. Much better.

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]realgw9200black.jpg|400px|border|Real GW-9200 Riseman[/image] [/div]

[h=2]GW-9300 Mudman[/h]

New fake on the block for 2012. Fake item up first. Note incorrect button layout.

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]fakegw9300.jpg|400px|border|Fake GW-9300 Mudman[/image] [/div]

This is what a real GW-9300 Mudman looks like.

[div] class="floatcontainer"|[image]realgw9300.jpg|400px|border|Real GW-9300 Mudman[/image] [/div]


New Member
Thank you I have been looking for a riseman at a reasonable price but didn't know how to spot a fake one (though I had a rough idea)