Looking for info on dw-6900-cb2 Michael Jordan


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Hi everyone,

New to the forum and new to collecting. I now own around 14 g-shocks of which 4 are limited editions. My favorite of them all is my DW-6900-CB2, Michael Jordan university blue edition.

I know many fans weren't happy with this collaboration and felt a lot more could have been done with this watch, but I love it.

I know there weren't many of these made but I honestly don't know much about the watch. Do any of you have any facts you can share?

I posted an unboxing on YouTube in case any of you want to see it.
Here's the link.




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I think they only made 200 of these. I once saw the GD100 version for sale on ebay, Buy it now for $550. Good luck finding one for sale.. if ever. They were released all-star weekend 2010 if I remember correctly and a lot of the employees bought them knowing they were so limited.


Sure you've already seen the info here > http://www.freshnessmag.com/2011/02/18/jordan-brand-x-casio-g-shock-dw6900cb-2-gd100b-1-dw6900cb-4/ .

Thanks for sharing the unboxing video, nice work. You can embed it your post should you wish.

Anyhow, here is a picture. Good luck finding the other two :)

Jordan Brand X G-Shock DW-6900CB-2, GD-100B-1 & DW-6900CB-4


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Wasn't familiar w/ the collaboration before - now I see what you mean by the fact that some were disappointed that more wasn't done.

Should have at least had an illuminated Jumpman logo!!!

Still - gotta love the UNC baby blue resin!

Nice video.


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An illuminated jumpman would have been sweet! A dressed up band like the one on the Mr. Cartoon collaboration would have also been nice..

I love this watch nevertheless. I'm a Chicago native, a bulls and Jordan fan. Had to have this piece.

Someone posted a comment on the YouTube video that only 20 pieces were made ..... That sounds really low!!! I figure they normally release at least 200.