New arrival from Singapore - DW-8400G-1 Mudman


Came half way round the world in a few days :D Needs a little work, probably a new module. any guesses as to what it is ?



Had a go at a little DW-6900 / 1289 module DIY last night. Knew the watch had a probably broken module prior to purchase so no big deal, had some DW-6900 module parts from a previously obtained water damaged watch so though I'd see if I could get something working....


Fitted a new battery which was removed


Module removed from case


Rubber 'shock protector' removed from module


Carefully removed LCD screen from module. Note I wore gloves to prevent oil / moisture from hands getting on module.


Spare LCD fitted. Which was even deader then the original LCD.


Decided to strip the entire module down and clean the lot up. I probably should've laid it out more neatly but there you go ;) Gave everything a good clean with switch cleaner. Back together and...


Exactly the same as before. DOH. :rolleyes: Module works fine, display very dim and seems to go totally blank on any button press. Wonder which part of the module is dead, assume it probably the PCB rather than anything else but I'm no expert.

Now to find a new 1289 module. Was going to pull apart my regular DW-6900 but decided to leave as is....


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Found a cheap DW-6900 with a good module, finally got round to getting the DW-8400G-1 Mudman back in action.

Pulled both apart. Might have worked more neatly :p

2012-03-05 15.03.29.jpg

Found a couple of issues.
Firstly the inside of the Mudman screen was quite smeared, with what I'm unsure. Perhaps it had moisture in which had killed the original module. Could have done with pulling out the insert but it seemed well attached so bottled it, cleaned it up as well as I could with a camera lens cloth and dust blower.
Second issue was the EL button. Normally these have a small spring which allows them to return to the unpresses state, this didn't. Not sure if this is a Mudman 'feature' but would guess the original owner removed it. Luckily have a few spare Gs in bits.

2012-03-05 14.52.00.jpg

Was able to pull an EL button of an old DW-6600 case and re-use the spring on the Mudman.

All went back together well enough, gave it a quick clean before final reassembly.

Interesting point is that the bezel is one piece on these Mudman, on others with shrouded buttons it is not.

2012-03-05 15.12.37.jpg

And finally


Pleased enough with the result. The original module has a slight gold color to it which the replacement lacks, maybe one day I'll sort this. In the meantime I'll wear it :D

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Looking good. Likening the technical skills too. They just make the parts so small, or is it that my hands are so big ha ha


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Nice work mate. So what happened to the 6900 from the start? I would think its a pcb issue also.

I'm not good with small things like this. Guaranteed to loose or brake something :wink-new:


Cheers BT :) The parts are indeed quite small and fiddly, in fact just noticed the button circlip which I'd lost on my desk...

Anyhow one final addition to this thread. When placing the Mudman in the watch draw last night noticed my vanilla DW-6900 actually had the correct (or near enough correct) gold tinted module in - bit of a facepalm moment forgetting that.

2012-03-06 09.42.12.jpg

One quick module exchange later and the DW-8400G-1 Mudman is looking fairly original.

2012-03-06 10.03.03.jpg

Library shot


DW-8400G-1 Mudman


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