New Mudmaster


Question, if y'all dont mind.
Is there any way to tell when the watch was made/manufactured?
Thanx all.


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Ya know, for some reason neither watch is syncing with the Atomic clock. Usually my Pathfinder will sync at night will I'm asleep. The last time she did was at 1 am the 16th of this month. And, that while I was wearing her when I was asleep. For the past couple nights, I've sat both Pathfinder and Mudmaster next to the window, with sensor pointing towards the window and, yet nothing. However, that 1st morning I was able to manually sync the Mudmaster with the Atomic clock in Ft. Collins, Co. But, I dont think I can manually sync the Pathfinder 1500T-7. Lol, I think for tonight I will just wear the Mudmaster to bed and she if she can sync with Atomic clock like my old Pathfinder did.
Most nights throughout the years, my Pathfinder did sync. I really love that watch, and retiring her was harder than I thought.
I really hope I dont have to manually sync this Mudmaster every day.
Of course, I live in the highest elevations in the Eastern US, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so reception may be difficult anyways. A lot of the years that I had my Pathfinder, we had lived in Asheville, and that's a much lower elevation where I am now, and much, much, more urban, if that makes a difference. Any tips or pointers I would appreciate. But, I'm not sure what those would be. Theres prolly not much more if anything that can be done to make syncing any easier.
Thanx all.