One Piece DW-6900FS

The last year and so has been a crazy year for G-Shocks. With the 30th anniversary going on we had Anniversary Editions, Collabs, and Limited Editions. Many of the collabs were criticized by the G-Shock veterans as a "weak collab". I was unsure of what they meant, I mean what is a "strong collab"? I found out.

onepiece face on stand.jpg

So enamored with this watch I have taken some dirty cell phone pics, but it is deserving of better. Labelled as a "Premium Edition" this was not a Casio release but a Bandai (parent company to the brand One Piece) release. As such it was pre-orderable through the Bandai website to Japan only. I do not know if they retailed any at storefronts or if they were internet only, I only know they sold out quickly. I have read conflicting reports of productions #'s (2,000 pieces and 3,000 pieces). Let me show you some of the Premium in this Edition ;)[PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]

onepiece outer box top.jpg

"Just a box chrisek!" I know, I am just used to flimsy cardboard boxes is all. Except the ones with trunks tend to be more sturdier like this but with a lesser finish. Even the bottom of the box is different.

onepiece outer box bottom.jpg

In a lot of ways nothing special. I mean I can't even read most of it! Yet the attention to detail is obvious, even on the bottom of the box you can tell they put effort in.

onepiece outer box top off.jpg

How is that for a surprise? I was expecting a tin or a trunk or an inner cardboard box or something. Let's flip down the front panel.

onepiece outer box open.jpg

Yes! Definitely not what I was expecting at all. Pull it out.

onepiece watch box.jpg

How is that for cool? It feels leather-y but isn't. Very rich effect and love the graphics on it. I understand that Casio has used this container for some MR-G's and the Ruby Frog (GWF-T1000BS) though I have never seen it before, definitely never in person or customized like this! :cool:

Pop it open to see the watch.

onepiece in box.jpg

Yes!!! Spent a lot of time on the packaging, but really this is a G-Shock forum not a container forum. One last thing to point out, notice anything unusual? Maybe the pillow? I'm more used to white pillows on G-shocks, notice how this one is black? That's not all.

onepiece pillow.jpg

How is that for cool? And the fabric of the pillow is thicker than my white ones as well. If only it were bigger. . . .

Let's get back on topic and back to the watch.

onepiece face on stand.jpg

There we go. When handling it, you can't help but notice the straps. They are simply over the top.

onepiece long strap.jpg

And the short strap with the buckle is also detailed with it's own graphic

onepiece buckle and strap keeper left.jpg

Man that keeper gets in the way!! Move it over to the right would ya?

onepiece buckle and strap.jpg

Yes! You can see how cool the graphics are yet how they aren't meant be on a watch. I like it and can see how some would buy this watch just for display. I mean look at how conflicting the graphics are when the strap is buckled.

onepiece strap connected left.jpg

And yet it's still cool! :encouragement: Look on the right side of the buckle as well.

onepiece strap connected right.jpg

"Oh, so this is just straps on a 6900?". Nope. it isn't. Details abound.

onepiece face closeup.jpg

I like this picture a lot for some reason :welcoming: Notice the OnePiece logo on the left, then go to the right "under" the time display. "STRAW HAT CREW". Subdued and in the normal Casio font, you don't notice it at first. Flip it over and hit the caseback.

onepiece caseback.jpg

I like it a lot. Love it when collabs have the custom casebacks.

Very happy to have acquired this watch and look forward to wearing it. One thing that has impressed me more than anything else about this watch is that it has raised my standards for collabs. Just over the top in many aspects, I'm actually not much of a fan for DW's but this was so well executed that it is firmly a keeper for me.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and the pics!


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Wow Chris, what a post, love it.

P.S. I am now having regrets for not getting it. If only the design is not the same as the 2013 black version.


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Chris, awesome watch and review. As always classy to the end. I love the attention to detail you and Will put into your reviews of our beloved G's.


mamonics;24050 said:
are there still some one piece collaboration on sale? how bout yours it that for sale??

As mentioned, it sold out quick. You can find the ONE PIECE collabs for sale occaisionally. I would suggest Yahoo Japan as Bandai will only sell to Japanese address adding a layer of difficulty getting one outside of that country.

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