Question about the GW-M500F-1 "Fire edition"


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My brother bought me a very cool GW330A-9V for Christmas several years ago and even though its a G Shock, I never could make myself wear it outside of work, etc. After extensive reviews of all kinds of G Shocks and taking my smaller wrist into consideration, I picked up the GW-M500F at Penny's over the weekend at around $85+tax could I not??

Anyway, I noticed once it got dark that the backlight is maybe half of the brightness of the GW330. The watch has a full charge - Maybe the 3405 module just doesn't have the same backlight power as the GW330.....maybe..But I'm thinking I may have a dud. I know a few of you have the 500, maybe you can chime in?

This is one good looking watch!

photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg