Some love for Mickey Mouse


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Why?, I hear you ask, am i bothering to mention a Disney/G-Shock DW-5600 collaboration?.

Well historically speaking, Mickey Mouse and watches in general have a history together that spans back well over 60 years.

In fact the marriage of Mickey and some of the cheaper wrist wear over the years even coined the phrase ‘Mickey Mouse watch’ meaning ‘a fake’ or an ‘inexpensive watch’.

Makers like Bradley, Seiko and Citizen to name but a few have produced some of the more ‘wearable’ Mickey pieces over the years. But if you’re an adult, with an adult sized wrist, finding a Mickey watch that you could actually wear isn’t an easy task.

Unless you like Gold plate, small watches, or paying over the odd’s for an aftermarket Mickey dial for your Rolex 6694 your going to struggle to comfortably add a wearable Mickey Mouse piece to your collection.

‘Jam Home Made’s ‘ recent collaboration with G-Shock produced a very nice (If a little too feminine) Mickey DW-5600, but this new ‘Tokyo Disney Sea’ Mickey Mouse has in my opinion hit it on the head.

The design is clean, timeless and unmistakably Mickey Mouse. It doesn’t try to be anything other than that. It is in fact in my opinion a G-Shock that is simply a must have. I think it’s very historically important in that Mickey/Wristwatch end of the market, and let’s remember Mickey Mouse watches have been around far longer than a large number of the worlds watchmakers.

So I say thank you Casio and Disney, thanks to you the world now has a ‘wearable’ Mickey Mouse watch.

Can you tell I like it? :rolleyes:

G-Shock DW-5600VT 'Tokyo Disney Sea' Mickey Mouse





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Now all i need to do is work out where to get one, and how to buy it without breaking the bank.

If any of our friends in Japan are listening and would like to help then feel free to contact :cool:


That is very cool and indeed extremely wearable. Sharp design and not at all cutesy which is quite a surprise given Casio are Japanese and Disney are, er, Disney. The EL is off the scale!