The G-Shockmeter @ The Zone


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Hello 2 all. Hope you're all doing cool!

I won't come out & say this is an original idea 4 I saw it in other forum, but I reckon it shall be cool 2 have it here @ The Zone.

It is pretty simple & most of our good mates here knows how it works. You'll copy the list and then you paste it in your response post adding yourself alphabetically if you will. From that moment on it is just modifying your number and always the Total... Easy? Or is it? ;)

Hope you'll find this thread a good addition to The Zone, hope the number of both members and Gs grow a lot and hope the thread stay alive 4 long...

Without further ado, The G-Shockmeter @ The Zone -->

Add yourself...
marcoszam: 62
Add yourself...

T o t a l : 62

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