The Official Introduce Yourself Here Thread.


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Hi From Istanbul,I been wearing G-Shock watches for nearly 25 years now.I used so many models of the brand.Amazing tools! For about a year I have these Gravity Master Rescue Red and Heritage Red.I am also a big fan of Rolex watches and have 3 Rollies also.Very happy to be here.Thanks




Greetings to Istanbul and welcome aboard @Baran Excellent assembly. Love the Rolex as well. The Gravitymaster is stunning too. Enjoy and pls post more photos if you like. Thanks for sharing. Be safe

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Afternoon all,

Failed to introduce myself before posting a question in the forums!!

Just got my first gshock, a gwg 1000.

There are plenty of gshocks that I would love to own, but i have quite an eclectic taste in watches currently and there are one or two more that I possibly want to acquire before getting another gshock, tho that may change!

I don't have anything quite as grand as the selection of rolexes above as I do tend to work on a restricted budget, so my time is spent hunting for less prestigious watches... My new Gshock was suddenly available at a reduced price which made it justifiable!! (yes there is a lego watch hidden by the newest addition...!!) IMG_20200714_170429.jpg