12 hour vs 24 hour displays?


Which do you use?

Always go for 24 hour. Had a new arrival on 12 hour and couldn't figure how to change it, found it quite annoying!


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24 hour.

Used by the railways (for whom I work, at a remove)

Eliminates confusion - have been sent on a job to start at 10:00 which is logical, the rush hour has died down and it is easy to move large lumps of metal around public areas. Of course the project manager had cocked up - 22:00 start when the ticket office closed ...


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Always 24h display, of course !
It even be confusing sometimes with people who use 12h...:tongue-new:


For me the 12hr display. Retail environment always dealing with the public. In general customers are used to "PM" and "AM", and our military cutomers convert easy enough.

Bubbly Tubs

24hour for me.
I work all times of the night and day, struggle to know what day of he week it is sometimes, so Defo 24hour.


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12 hour for me.
My mind doesn't work if I see a watch and saw 19 hour.
I have to minus 12 hour lol!
I am always curious why some of the people like to use 24 hours.


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I'm 24h on all my timepieces, including phone and tablet. I only have one piece now on a 12h, as it's my Little watch (DW6900MT-7), so I prefer to keep it simple. ;)


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24hr for def!
What's worse than 12hr .... Leaving your watch at home and getting to work and looking at your wrist ... Face palm lol