Fake Alert Dw-5600 bape fape fake


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I don't know much about 5600s but this has most of the hallmarks of a classic eBay fape advert:

Blurred pictures

Showing stopwatch screen - are the time display digits too much of a give away?

Very bad box, not crisp corners like a real Bape box

Checking feedback - he has just sold a white Bape 5600 - brought back from Japan by his uncle ...

Very low start - a come on to make you think you are getting a bargain by being cleverer than him

Little information in the ad

New, without tags - why? Who removes the tags from a new watch and then sells it on?

Is there anything I have missed off the list? And can someone educate me in the finer points of 5600 Bapes in case I have a sudden change of opinion and actually go to buy one? :D


Think you pretty much have it down when it comes to fake BAPE DW-5600. The biggest giveaway is always the crappy looking digits in the module.


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I know this is a dead thread, but these really annoy me, some poor guy / girl just lost £45 on this trash, can he not get done for this?


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I have an eBay search set up to check for G-Shocks - used, new with defects and new without tags. That normally throws up between 350 and 450 items. Of those, discounting the Shors, Olsens and S-Shocks that are caught along with the rest are probably 15 Bape fakes (it is very rare to encounter a genuine Bape) and several other obvious fakes - mainly bad copies of GA-100, GA-110 and G-7900.

I had a phase of reporting each fake to eBay with little effect. Most of the sellers, if they are removed, start again with a different name and the same fake goods. A direct approach to the seller often draws abuse.

I don't know how to fight the flood of fakes and, like you, it gets up my nose and I'm just on the sidelines. How do Mr Casio and Mr Bape feel?