DW-6900 BAPE (red)


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Can someone please tell me whether their was 1000 or 2000 red ones made, plus if someone could post a picture of a genuine one in red

Thanks. Nic


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Hi Nic,

Immediate reaction is that if it is a BAPE then it is fake! The vast majority of BAPES being sold online and in some shopping outlets are fake. One obvious thing to look for is the position of the day digits - a genuine DW-6900 has the day displayed under the first two windows, the fake has it directly beneath the middle window.

The sellers know this so either show the watch running in a different mode, stopwatch for instance, or by showing a blurred picture. The blurring also masks the fact that the fakes are less "crisp" in their detailing.

On eBay the watch is often described as G-Shock or Shock - no mention of Casio - so as to try to get round eBay's restriction on counterfeit items. It will also be cheap, a genuine Bape would go for £200+ as a minimum.

There is a fairly good guide on eBay itself - click here

And an excellent guide to G-Shock fakes, not just Bapes, is here - video comparing real and fake bapes at the page bottom

This is a half-decent fake, note position of "WE" under the middle window. Box looks reasonable but the watch colour looks wrong, too matt.
red fape.JPG

Doing an image search on Google for "Casio Bape G-Shock" brings up loads of fakes whereas doing an image search for " Genuine Casio Bape G-Shock" brings up ... loads of fakes. ;) In fact I can't quickly find a picture of a genuine red one. So here is a picture of my own, genuine, non Bape DW-6900 - note the "SA" day indicator is between the left hand and centre window.


Some of the sharper-witted vendors will use either a stock photo - if from Casio it's always 10:58 as the time and 6-30 as the date - or a picture of a genuine watch stolen from someone's blog. If you are buying from an auction site ask the vendor for another photo showing the watch with a different time and date or laid on a newspaper that shows date and headline. If they are genuine then they will do as you ask - they want to sell the watch after all.

These are some fakes for sale through ioffer.com

more fapes.JPG

It's very tempting for people to sell watches like the ones above for a large profit - the prices shown in the picture are retail, I can get Chinese fakes wholesale for less than 5 dollars each ...

If you want an opinion on whether a watch is or not post a photo or a link to the page it is on in here, we will try to help!


Think there were 2000 red made, but I can't be 1000%

There are many many many fake BAPE DW-6900s for sale. If you're looking at one or have bought one post up a picture and/or link to the auction/sale and we can advise. In the meantime here are a couple I've found

REAL Bape x G-Shock DW-6900 in red (found via google images, apologies if this is yours!)


Fake Bape x G-Shock DW-6900 in red


There are a few obvious differences, the main one being the LCD. The digits on the FAPE look totally 'wrong' in comparison to the real deal, they are far thinner and the date takes up less of the screen.

There was recently a legit BAPE x G-Shock DW-6900 on ebay in the UK > http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BAPE-BATH...-PAPERS-NOT-FAKE-/170717635466#ht_2445wt_1163


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Thanks a lot for the detailed replies, it is on an auction site, its looking very much like its a fake as the photos are shocking quality and i've requested he sends me better photos but heard nothing back from him, surprise surprise


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@ BoroGTi - thanks for your thank Nic, glad to help. If you can post the link to the watch then we can all go and have a look. I certainly won't be bidding even if it is genuine, can't see the attraction of Bapes over standard DW-6900 (and I'm not that keen on those!). There are plenty of far nicer G-Shocks to collect in my opinion.

But not this one:

79 RM froggie.JPG

UK equivalent price is about £16. This is a faker getting it very wrong - there never has been a Frogman with hands! Even so these crop up and sell for good money on a well-known auction site from time to time.

@rutteger - indeed - a guide to fakes section would be good, move a couple of previous posts into it and maybe write Bape, Frogman, Riseman GA-100 and GW-7900 threads as these are the main offenders though the Dw-004 / DW-9502 seem to be appearing on the fake market too