Fake 001s?


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Hello all, sorry if these have been posted before, but couldn't find a thread ...

Noticed these 001 models being sold at bargain BIN, but closer inspection suggests that it may very well be a bit too good to be true. Anyway, judge for yourselves:





At first glance they look pretty damn convincing, but it's the displays that looked a bit iffy to me. What really raised my suspicions though was that he is also flogging those F-91 knock-offs that appear to be flooding ebay at the moment. :(


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Fake. But convincing at a glance. Pictures are tightly cropped, probably because the strap may be a give away. LCD colours are wrong and the description is carefully worded so as to wriggle out of any litigation. The low buy it now is a dead giveaway!


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definitely fake, but yeah, those models are a little harder to spot the fakes, bc they kinda look like toy pieces of crap in the first place...lol.