eBay Froggie - GW200MS-1 - slight mods


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Including these precious stones, can we really consider this Frogman as a true G-Shock ?
And the price...:frown-new:


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It's a true G-Shock, dressing it up in glittery clothes doesn't take away the fact that the base watch is a very capable piece of kit. As a one time experienced scuba diver I would not want to dive with it though - shiny objects attract some fish, putting your hand by a crevice concealing a conger eel could lead to unpleasantness :rolleyes:

I can certainly think of better things to do with the money!


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i hate these bezels i feel that they just ruin the true essence of what a g shock is. a ghsock is supposed to be rugged and meant to be beaten up. this just puts low grade baked diamonds on a gold/silver/stainless steel bezel and ruins the watch i just cant stand these bezels:mad:


In a way it shows what a great product Casio have come up with in the G-shock. It's not many watches which are worn by such a wide array of people, from the sort who'd bling theirs up like this to collectors like us to the average man in the street to urban hipsters to rappers to pop stars to the military and armed services. And in fact more or less anyone who wants a solid, dependable watch!