Frogman GF-1000 quick review... 2 weeks late


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Got my first Frogman two weeks back after surfing this forum for the past few months. I had wanted to buy a premium G-shock so I guess (and hope) this one fits the bill.


It's got this nice asymmetric design that I really like. People who know G-shocks instantly know it's the Frogman. :)


The DLC coating was the main draw for me to choose this one over the final frog. Plus I prefer the colour scheme on the 1000 frog more than what I thought was "too many colours" on the final frog.


The watch itself is well-made. Probably better than the regular Gs like my daily G-350. I've always preferred analog for telling time so this one was really a purchase of passion. On hindsight, it now looks like an expensive gamble since I have not tried on this watch at all before owning it.


The buttons on the right look like triggers. Again, this won me over the standard buttons on the other frog models.


Overall quality is very impressive.

On to some personal thoughts on this watch after owning it for two weeks...

The GF-1000 feels like a premium G-shock and I am pleased with my purchase. It is nice to admire the solid construction and unique iconic design. I strongly encourage G collectors to have a 1000 Frog somewhere in their stable.

However, I'm afraid the same cannot be said when it comes to wearability and fit. Honestly, this is the most uncomfortable watch I've own. Yes, I know small wrist and big watch don't make sense in the first place. But I have been rocking a 53mm U-Boat for 4years with no complains about its comfort.

It seems like the GF-1000 is indeed meant for wearing over a dive suit only. While the case size does not actually post much problems, it is the design of the lugs that cause big discomfort. If you buckle the watch at the middle of the strap without wearing it and look at it from the side, it looks like a letter D. Now I wonder how many human wrists actually take that shape. As a result of this strange shape when you strap on the watch, it feels either too loose or too tight.

It's still early days to decide if this one stays or goes. All I can say is I am admiring it for its quality and aesthetics. It is good enough to simply hold the GF-1000 in my hand and see how nice it is. Perhaps the arrival of a final frog can help with the decision. :)

Bubbly Tubs

Nice pics, nice watch, and kudos for the honest review.
I like you, had hankered after a big frog for a while, and sadly I was rather underwhelmed with it. But for other reasons than yourself. I felt it was too small, I've got a pic somewhere with me wearing it and looks tiny ha ha. but I would never sell it on, it sits proudly in my display case almost lording it over the other G's.


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Hi BT, so you admire this one without wearing it much? That makes two of us. :) And I thank you for the kind words for my short writeup.

Your signature says you got a green Kawasaki? I got one too. G-300KRT?




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I thought it was a very objective review and enjoyed reading it, I sort of agree about the comfort of the watch, at first it seemed as though the optimum place for the holes on the strap were in between where I needed them, I normally wear my watches quite loose, right at the bottom of my wrist where it joins my hand, rather than further up over the knuckle on my wrist (If that makes sense) I persevered with having the strap tighter than usual and now find it quite comfortable, it is my first frogman so have nothing to compare it with.

Thank you once again for the review.


Nice pics and review. interesting to hear your thoughts regarding fit, have you ever tried a GW-200 Frog? Will have to let us know what you decide to do with it long term....


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I was wearing my GWF-1000 tonight to a club committee meeting (5 weeks to the show detailed below and a hell of a lot of work to do!)

As I am left handed I wear watches on my right wrist - the "wrong" way for an asymmetrical watch like a froggie. I have 7 inch wrists but the frog felt perfectly comfortable and definitely not too big.

And if anyone wants to try the GWF-1000 or one or more from the GW-2xx range then check the classifieds, I have six Froggies looking for new owners :D


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macspite: I think wearing the 1000 Frog on the right wrist actually improves the fit due to the asymmetrical shape. In your case, when you're standing with arms by your side, the "long side is hanging below the strap", thus making the watch cling on to the wrist better. For left hand wearers, it's the exact opposite.

rutteger: I have never tried the 200 Frog. In fact, I have a habit of buying watches without trying them on. :) Anyway, I believe both 200 and 1000 Frogs will be in stable for me. So I will keep the 1000 and enjoy the watch without wearing it very much like Bubbly T does.

Thanks all again for reading my short writeup. :)


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If I was to get a Frogman or Riseman I would be conscious of the 'sticky out bits' on both models, digging into my arm, making it uncomfortable, which I wouldn't want of course.
I'd deffo want to try 'before you buy'. It's finding a local store that sells them.