eBay Frogman special edition


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Damn my eyes. The seller has even supplied good photos so you can see how poor the fake is. Shame, I almost thought this might've been a pukka metal frog :p

Gasp! You mean ... it's a ringer?

Actually as soon as I had finished laughing and posted the thread opener I mailed the seller with this:

Sorry to tell you this if you bought the watch as a genuine G-Shock but there is NO Frogman model with hands. All Casio G-Shock Frogs are digital only. You have a fake - simple way to check is to wear it into the shower and see it stop. Might be an idea to pull the auction before someone less charitable than me just goes straight to eBay to report you for selling fakes.

The sale is still in progress.

Time for me to assume my less charitable persona ...


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Just clicked the link

eBay message: This listing (280768578453) has been removed, or this item is not available.

eBay seem to be fairly quick on responding to reports on counterfeit and trademark violations.

But regarding losing battle - you are right, the place is flooded with fake Bapes and punters willing to buy the horrible things.