G-Shock Black on Black display Unable to read out the time


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Do most of these G-shock watches have the black on black displays in were you are unable to see the time?
I think I made the worst mistake in buying this type that has this display type.

The whole watch is black, but I wanted something that I can read the time.

Anyways, its a great watch and I like it.

Nextime, what Military series G-Shocks should I get that does not have the black on black type display?
Basically, I want the watch to be black, but I need to be able to read the time during the day or in my office?

In the meantime, I am looking at most of the Military Series G-shocks, and I have to tell you, that "most" of them are hard to read the displays.



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the negative display? ive heard other people saying they find it hard to read aswell, i have to say i dont really see how theres a problem reading this display


Think the negative displays are very subjective. I have no issue with one although would agree a positive display is probably more legible. Others don't like them at all.

The military series as you have linked to all have a negative display apart from the GW-200MS-1


Other than that there are plenty of black Gs with positive displays.


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Is there any reasons on why the displays are hard to read or have negative (black on black) displays?
In the office today, I had no issues with it since I am sitting under a florescent light.
But under incandecent lights, its very hard to see.

For example, look at this Military series (Mudman), this very dark similar to mine.

Why are most of these designed this way? Any clues? Thats what I like to know as to why there designed this way?



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And nowadays most watches are worn more as fashion statements than timepieces. The reason you bought your G-Shock was more to do with its bad-ass military styling than its legibility I assume. If you need to see the digits clearly then you can press the light button or use the auto EL feature. Nowadays it is very difficult not to be aware of the time - clocks in your car, DVD player, microwave, cooker, on your phone, on your TV screen, on public and corporate buildings, in the office, in the lift (elevator) timechecks on the radio and TV.


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I guess its OK in the meantime. But Its my fault for not checking enough in the store.
It was like an IMPULSE buy and I was in a rush. I learned my lesson.

Its kind of fooling in the picture though as I saw it on the net.

And I dont see the point in wearing a watch when you cannot see the time on it no matter how great the style is.
Yes, I need the style, but also to read the time as well.

Impulse buying....can lead to "buyers remorse".......:frown-new: