GW-9110 vs GW-7900


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So afew more G's Ive been looking into.
Wondered if anyone could give me some ideas on the main differences between them and which do you like the most & why?



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No one has any ideas?
To me they seem to do the same thing but not sure if you can add your long & latt to the 7900?

Cant seem to find any pics to compare them next to eachother, so would be cool if someone could post some up :)


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I have the GW-7900MS-3 and love it, feels good on the wrist and easy to read. No need to add lat and long to the system for accurate tide info - initially you set high tide from info on the net or your local paper. Manual is here:

and this is manual for GW-9110, almost identical

Photos of mine:

7900 german camo.jpg

Showing tide going out, close to low water springs, tide data set to close to my home at Chichester Harbour entrance. Background of photo is Hayling Island bridge and exposed mudflats - top end of Chichester Harbour

Not familiar with the 9110 which, AFAIK, uses the same module but doesn't use a fifth button for activating the light. The big selling point of the 9110 is the rust resistant titanium case though I haven't yet had a problem on the 7900 with rust, either on the stainless or the resin parts of the case :)

If price/performance is important to you then the 7900 is the one to go for. Aesthetics are important and subjective, for me the 7900 - in the guise shown above - is the better looking.

Bet that was no help at all! :D


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Thanks mate, that does help ofc :)
So really it is the 5th light button & the rust proofing that is the main differences?
I fish around the Christchurch area, so Im sure it will be find if it works well for you in Chichester then.

The 7900 with atomic is def the cheaper one. So really just gotta think wich one is nicest looking & the largest (I like large watches ;)
Cant seem to find a local shop that has them both in to compare :(


My understanding is also the fifth EL button is the main difference between the two models. See you're after the Gulfman, good choice :)