eBay Loads of Frogman (frogmen?) and a Mazda


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This curious combo rings a bell but I can't quite remember why ;)


What about the Merc? You didn't mention the Merc!

And it is getting close to the end of the auction so get in quick!


Sorry, forget to plug the Merc. Not normally a big fan of the Stuttgart maker, always (rightly or wrongly) perceive them to be for the older Gentleman. That I do like though, be king of the town with the roof down in that one :p


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Not a fan of German cars myself. Beautifully constructed perhaps but cold, soul-less. Give me something flawed but fun any time. It's not sour grapes or ignorance either, in my time I have had a couple of Mercs, a Jensen Interceptor, BMW M535i (two of them), Maserati Bi-turbo, Bristol 410, various Jags, Alfa Romeos ...

It hasn't always been poverty central at Macspite Towers. :D

The cars I remember are those that had quirks and character. I was as happy driving a Citroen Dyane on its doorhandles at low speeds as I was doing double the speed limit very early on the M40 on a summer morning in an XJS with everything shaking to a blur. In a Merc I imagine that would be no more stimulating than driving at 70.

Didn't James May drive a Veyron at top speed once, sort of proving that it was a somewhat bland experience?

Anyway, I am straying from watches which is what this forum is supposed to be all about. So I won't mention the Discovery V8 LPG that is going on eBay next Thursday: