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Bubbly Tubs

Today in the post I received what may have to be my last G for a while.

And here she is, a Men In Rescue Orange Mudman


This now completes my MIRO collection,


Will have to try and get backlight shot of all three at some point.


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Very nice! Doesn't your signature need updating to reflect the arrival of the new Mudman? Or is there another on the way still? If you need to change the sig can I have the old one as I too am on 24 + 1 in the post, And, like you , I am going to have to go out and earn some cash before buying any more :(

Bubbly Tubs

I've already been naughty because not even half an hour after posting this I'd ordered another one, but we'll keep that between us ssshhh

Bubbly Tubs

Hi guys I haven't been on for a while, well not to post anyway I do check back every now and again to see what's happening.*
I know I posted above that I wouldn't be buying much, well as you guys all probably know that doesn't last long. Well since my MIRO shots I've got 5 new G's for myself and 1 for another forum member.*

My first purchase was a Turbo Kolor 6900 all the way from Poland


Then I managed to track down a watch I've been after for a while the Men In Earth Blue (MIEB) Gulfman. This one had to come from Panama!


This then completes my MIEB collection


I then made trip up to G Shock East to pick up a ltd edition I've been awaiting for what feels like ages, but we'll save that one for last.*
The next purchase was *one of the new edition 6900 in bright pink, not a colour I thought I'd have in my collection but I was going to a breast cancer charity do and felt it quite appropriate.*


This watch came with the new smaller tin but I've not seen it in metallic grey before?

Bubbly Tubs

My next purchase was an orange King that I've heard being referred to as "Dukes of Hazard"


The next watch and the reason for the trip, the Nigel Sylvester


There were a couple of others but there not for me so I won't post them up.*

The last pic I've got is a little group shot


Thanks for reading, and sorry if it's a bit pic heavy


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Don't apologise for the pics! Nice to see examples of each watch in real life as opposed to Casio "10:58" publicity shots. Which one(s) are going to get posted as a WRUW shot in the next few days?

And isn't your signature now a little outdated ..?


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Awesome pictures and collection! Thanks for sharing. If I had to pick a fave then it would be the Men In Earth Blue (MIEB) Gulfman :D


Nice few additions to the collection, it would seem to be impossible to stop buying once the bug bites. Loving the turbokolor, MIEB gulfman and Nigel Sylvester although like all the models there, some great choices.