Where could I find parts for a DW-003?


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Basically, I would like to refurb my old DW-003 with a new strap and bezel. I've always found the teal to be a bit dull and fancy something a bit more colourful. Straps are easy enough to sort - wanting to ditch the rubber anyway - but locating a new bezel is proving trickier. TikTox were unable to help (but were very helpful, and I will definitely be using them in future), and PacParts seem to keep a good stock of parts, but sadly will not ship to the UK, so does anyone have any more ideas? I don't suppose Casio UK keep parts going back that far? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give!


Guess you've seen the wiki article > G-Shock spare parts suppliers ? Anyhow I'd certainly try Casio UK, I've had some pretty old spares from them in the past. It's also worth trying eBay seller vbeme, he has been able to supply me with parts not listed in his auctions in the past and of course ships internationally.


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Only thing I can suggest for PacParts is that we see if any of the guys on this forum who live Stateside would be prepared to place an order for you, have it posted to their address then post it on to you. PayPal is an easy method of paying them upfront even though the charges are annoying.

Anyone in the U.S.A reading this? :D