Yet another "What to buy"-thread.


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Can't decide. Help me please.

I need a buddy to my DW-5600E, and I'm going nuts trying decide between the GX-56, GW-6900 and the GD-100...

I'd like something larger than the 5600 (obviously), but I'm a little concerned that the GX-56 is too big. Is the GD-100 any smaller at all? I know the 6900's are smaller than the new X-Larges, but a bit bigger than the 5600's, am I right?

Two features are needed:
1. Automatic lights, (Auto EL?) the one where you tilt your watch to light it up.
2. Up/down controls on the right side, so I can actually use the countdown-timer... Going just one way is idiotic at the very least.
Are these in common to all of these, or...

This is making me crazy right now, as the 56 has the square look that I'm used to, the 6900 has that same "classic" feel to it that the 5600 has, and the GD-100 is just appealing in both looks and price. Why is it so cheap?

TIA, pax and all that.


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My totally biased opinion - don't like square Casios, remind me of cheap digitals of my long gone youth. GW-6900 is a classic shape which has been in production in various guises for years has auto EL and doesn't cost much for an atomic/solar G-Shock. Good customer reviews on Amazon too. GD-100 is cheaper but not by much and doesnt have the atomic or solar features. Looks nicer than the GW-6900 so it would be a tough decision - unless you bought one of each in different colours ...


Nice conundrum to have.

Personally i'd discount the GD-100 straight away. Owned the similar GDF-100 and simply wouldn't rate it as highly as the other models you consider.

The GX-56 is big. Could you try one? It also lacks the atomic functionality of the GW-6900.

In your situation I'd probably go with the GW-6900 to complement your DW-5600. It's a classic shape and is a fair bit chunkier that the DW-5600 without going to the oversize of the GX-56.

Not sure on CDT function, you could take a look at the manuals as detailed here > . From a quick google the GX-56 has module 3221, the GW-6900 3179 and GD-100 3263.



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The square reminds me too of the cheap watches of yesteryear, which maybe exactly why I like them.

Atomic is a non-issue for me, since Finland isn't covered by any of the satellites... I'd get to sync a few times a year at most. The maual stuff is better, I get to well under a second using the national time signal and doing it the old way. Besides, this 5600 keeps time rather well, errors of over 1 seconds per month are a lot.

I want the GW-6900 over the DW-6900 exactly for the newer module, at least the face has markings "Forward" and "Reverse" on it. Will check the manuals also, thanks for the link.

Shouldn't have read the manuals, now I realize that these newer, much finer watches don't have one of my favorite features of the 5600... They don't show you the time when in CDT or STW-modes. The DW-6900 does then. AND it has the fun eyes that count the seconds. And it's cheaper.

Oh well, have to get two then. Now, to hunt down a black DW-6900 then. And maybe a GX-56. :D

I've seen the GX-56 once, two weeks ago in a store window in Riga, Latvia. Didn't have time to go in and try it on, and never got around to returning to the shop.


interesting how perception differs. Also had the cheap sqaure casios when younger but really like the chunky square gs, design classics imho.

Anyhow the vanilla dw-6900 with the gx-56 to follow sounds a great plan ;) had forgotten finland was perhaps ouside the atomic radio signal, you could always look at the non atmoic g-6900? Although guess this will also lack the CDT functionality you need.