G-Shockzone G-Shock G-9000-8V Mudman giveaway

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Another month, another cool giveaway from G-Shockzone. This time we have a G-Shock G-9000-8V Mudman up for grabs. All you have to do to win this classic Master of G is

  • Register (if not done so already)
  • Introduce yourself here (if not done so already)
  • Show us a picture of what G-Shock you're wearing here > WRUW thread. If you don't have a G-Shock let's see what Casio or watch you're wearing :)
  • Post on this thread here to register for the competition.

Entries close Monday 16th April 2359 BST (i.e. midnight in the UK ;) ) We'll draw a winner at random on April 17th. Please note one entry per user!

G-Shock G-9000-8V Mudman


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woohoo! put my name in that drawing boss! thats a fine looking casio you got therrre.

good luck to all those that will be entering. but i really want this one!



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If i write more than once will my odds improve? :)

Should i send you my home address now? :)

Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck everyone! Especially me!


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Just need to point out that I have the olive green version so I'm ok for hiding in the spring greenery. But the white one will be necessary for me when we get snow at Easter, So sorry guys but I need ​this watch!


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Part taking in the giveaway!
Would love to get the white/gray mudman! I had an olive green one. Sturdy as hell.


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I have a green mudman which served be well during my army days. This would be another G Shock added to my current collection :)
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